"I have attended 4 previous cadaver courses prior to yours. I can say that I found your course to be the best overall that I have experienced. I feel the small class size and general tone / atmosphere that Tassos created were the keys in my assessment."
Dr. James Singer

" I recently completed a cadaver grafting course with Tasso Irinakis in Edmonton. I learned more in that course than any previous training I had done and at a much more reasonable cost . His teaching skills,approachability and his vast experience as an accomplished periodontist were well received by everyone present. If you are looking for a scientifically sound program to take you to that next level this course will not disappoint".
Dr. Brent MacDonald

"I recently took the 3 day sinus lift/bone grafting course with Dr Irinakis (Institute for Dental Education & Advanced Surgeries) and got a a lot of information and experience out of it. The hands on training was excellent and Dr Irinakis enthusiasm made the lectures very interesting. I would recommend this course to others who want to integrate these procedures into their practice"
Dr. Paul Henn

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it highly!

I found Tassos very easy to listen to. He made a point of really listening to the questions that were presented. And, if he wasn’t sure he had answered your question, he came back to you to insure that you were satisfied with his answer. Unlike a lot of speakers, Tassos is more than happy to show his cases that didn’t work out. There is more to be learned from the failures than just seeing one successful case after another. I think the grad students at UBC are very lucky to have an associate professor who is as dedicated to teaching as he is.

Keep me in mind for future sessions. I would definitely be into taking a soft tissue course at some point."
Dr. Tim Mahoney

"I just wanted to thank you for sending me the powerpoint of all the cases we did in the IDEAS program last year. It is nice to have such a complete visual guide to refresh my memory and to use in planning future cases."
Dr. Hussein Shivji

"IDEAS courses: probably the best presentations I've experienced in my 33 years of continuing education courses. Extremely informative and very research based. Recommended to everyone."
Dr. Bill Andreiuk

"Dr. Irinakis' passion and enthusiasm for teaching makes for a fun and motivational learning environment. However, it is his guidance and accessibility after the course that sets him apart as a teacher and mentor."
Dr. Darwin Song

"Dr. Irinakis is passionate about teaching. If given the chance, he would go through patient cases for hours! What makes his courses so exciting is that you can see this passion, which is stimulating in any lecture environment. I would recommend his courses to anyone just starting out on the road of implantology (e.g. introductory implant courses) or perhaps even for the intermediate/advanced implant surgeon who wants to add to his toolbox by taking on new materials (e.g. Alloderm) or products (e.g. Nobel Active)."
Dr. Nick Seddon

"Dr. Tassos Irinakis makes the science of implantology and the art of its clinical application come together for better results as he presents information in a clear and concise manner that can be used immediately. Furthermore, Tassos relates with all his colleagues on a horizontal level and is willing to give support whenever needed."

"The four day, hands-on course offered by Dr. Irinakis and Dr. Larjava on Clinical Crown Lengthening has been one of my best educational experiences. The course provided me with excellent instruction on theory, and invaluable supervision on my live patient. I now feel fully comfortable with performing simple crown lengthening procedures in my practice. I would recommend this course without hesitation to any dentist who practices restorative dentistry."
Dr. Andrew Seebaran, Vancouver, B.C.

" I really enjoyed the course and all your courses for that matter. I appreciated the attention to detail and emphasis on evidence based research to support the successful placement and restoration of the single tooth oral implant. The combination of both restorative and surgical aspects especially in the treatment planning phase was extremely helpful and informative. The combination of Tassos' and Chris' input in each case was invaluable in the treatment planning which as we all know is the most critical aspect of any case. I find myself really thinking about the final restoration's form and function when I am treatment planning for an implant case and not just focusing on where the bone is. That is the true success of this course by marrying both restorative and surgical phases for the successful replacement of a single tooth with an oral implant. By doing it hands-on in a comfortable setting reinforced the all the videos and lectures resulting in a very positive learning experience. I also enjoyed the involvement of the reps and the lab technician in providing information and feed-back for their aspects of the course. I would also like to say that from someone who was present at the initial IDEAS course to this one, your "institute" has evolved into one slick machine and the courses are definitely worth attending. I will be taking the grafting course sometime to complete my course-work at the IDEAS institute! "
Dr. Patrick Gowdy, Surrey, B.C.

"I continue to be impressed a nd amazed at the quality of clinical instruction I.D.E.A.S. offers. The course: Crown & Bridge in Implant Dentistry; From Surgical Placement to Final Delivery is thorough, well taught, and enjoyable. It is suitable for novice and experienced dentists alike. Most importantly, it will give you the confidence and the skills to place implants in your own practice. Implant therapy involves several disciplines, and each is well covered by the diverse I.D.E.A.S. faculty. This approach is very conducive to learning, and continually provides the participants a restorative, surgical, periodontal, and laboratory perspective through all phases of treatment. A great investment in your career!
Dr. Svetlana Kondrashova, Regina, Saskatchewan.

" I really enjoyed your course Tasso. I found it was precise and to the point as far as lecture material and the clinical demos. The simulation on the pig mandible was very useful before doing the procedure on the patient. Of course working on patients with you and Hannu looking over our shoulders was really informative. I reread the notes after the clinical procedures and all the instructions and information was so clear and made so much more sense than just the lecture. The fact that I was confident to crown lengthening on my own right away is a true testimony how well you taught us. Thanks for a great course. Also wanted to point out that the small class size and the informal and friendly communication from you and Hannu was really appreciated. It good to learn in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere."
Dr. Margaret Pokroy, Edmonton, Alberta

"One of the most organized, informative, and worthwhile CE course I've had the pleasure of attending. Drs Irinakis and Larjava are incredibly knowledgeable/accomplished clinicians and equally skilled instructors. The course curriculum was extremely comprehensive, relevant, & interesting and was presented with such enthusiasm and clarity. Furthermore, the relatively small class size allowed for plenty of both group discussion as well as one-on-one instruction/guidance. The sessions followed a logical progression from background information/discussion, to observation & simulation of surgeries, to actual hands-on patient experience. This incremental buildup helped ease myself along the way and provided me the knowledge base and clinical confidence when it came time to actually perform my first crown lengthening surgery. The true test of this course is that I now feel confident to handle basic surgeries, aware of what cases to tackle or avoid, and capable of providing such an essential service to my patients. Drs Irinakis & Larjava have put together an amazing CE course that I would highly recommend to any clinician looking to incorporate basic crown lengthening surgery into their practice."
Dr. Adi Nokiani, Richmond, B.C.

"I thought your course was exceptionally well organized and structured with enough lecture that I felt I had a good understanding of the topic. Unlike others, this course also had sufficient hands on with a good instructor student ratio which allowed me to put into practice what I learned in lecture. I know my strengths and I know when to refer. The "see one" "do one" format was very helpful as well. Most importantly, after finishing the training I felt confident about the procedure and now routinely use it in my practice. What better criteria could be used than that?"
Dr. Kris Klimek, North Vancouver, B.C.